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Татьяна Хакимулина, сотрудник Гринпис

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Khakimulina et al. delivered a recent study in the Journal of Vegetation Science entitled, “Mixed-Severity Natural Disturbance Regime Dominates in an Old-growth Norway Spruce Forest of Northwest Russia”,

Full text (in PDF format)
Supplementary data (PDF)

This study was conducted within Dvinsky Forest – one of the most valuable intact forest landscapes in Northern Europe. It is an old-growth mostly spruce-dominated forest located at the interfluve of the Dvina and Pinega Rivers within the Arkhangelsk region.

The authors consider current timber harvesting methods (large-scale clearcutting) to “represent disturbance sizes and frequencies outside the natural range of variability for this forest type”. Dendrochronological evidence illustrated no comparable historical events to current clearcutting. Small and medium sized canopy disturbances were seen and were fully recovered in the 240 year period examined in this study.

Moreover current clearcut model in this area puts the forest industry at risk. While relying on singular softwood species (in this case spruce) and applying large-scale clearcuts, the industrial activity does not allow for resource sustainable regeneration and permits colonisation by other competing deciduous tree species such as birch and aspen.

The authors would like to see a re-evaluation of this paradigm such that for maintenance of “the historical range of structure and species composition, while also ensuring adequate spruce regeneration, harvesting practices in such forests should leave or create patchy forest structure after harvesting, similar to natural forest structures revealed in this study”.

Finally the paper highlights the high conservation value of Dvinsky Forest and the importance of its conservation through establishment of protected area.

More information about Dvinsky forest in English: Greenpeace report "FSC IN RUSSIA: certifying the destruction of intact forest landscapes"

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